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May 22, 2012
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BLL App .:Nitya Amor:. by WarriorRainyDay BLL App .:Nitya Amor:. by WarriorRainyDay
Yes I made another one. But she's with Hitler cat this time. XD

Name: Nitya (Timeless) Amor (Love)
Gender: She-cat.
Age: Four season cycles. (Two years)
Rank: Caregiver. She is also a retired Performer.
Description: Nitya is a pale and dusty reddish brown Abyssinian and Serengeti Cat cross with a tanish white under belly. She has very very short fur and very large ears that come from her Serengeti Cat blood. She has darker red stripes the run down her back and shoulders and two tear drop like markings under each eye. On her forehead she also has a small strip and a tear drop marking on either side of that. One marking in particular stands out on her which is one of the many reasons for her rune being Amor. She has a perfect heart shaped stripe directly in the middle of her chest just under her Heart stone. Her heart stone setting in a bright silver choker with a little gold bead attached to it. The bead of gold is from her original Heart stone setting. She has a deep blood red Heart stone that forms into a perfect tear drop. Nitya's eyes are a very bright dusty blue and her kingdom crest is on her left hip and is colored silver. She is normally seen wearing a dark cloak that hides her bright colors.
Personality: [Slightly Shy] [Brave] [Confident] [Polite][Battle hungry at times] [Gentle] [Motherly]
[Slightly Shy] Nitya is slightly shy around other cats. Even her own kin. This is mainly because of her looks and her former career as a performer. However she manages to reduce her shyness by wearing a cloak around everyone. Her shyness mainly stems from the shame of having her foolishness and accident that ended her career as an acrobat three seasons ago. Which is the reason she hides herself in the cloak.
[Brave] Even if her confidence is sometimes hindered by shame. Nitya is very brave, sometimes to the point of foolishness. And is often considered a 'White Knight' figure because of her sometimes battle hungry side. She will often stand up to someone bullying someone else without hesitation. Her favorite thing in particular to say to Casters is, "I hear a strong enough warrior can over power any Caster. I've always wanted to find out if its true of not."
[Confidence] From her time on the stage Nitya is very confident in herself. Her warriors blood and physical strength only make her even more confidence about what she does. It also give her 'White Knight' image more fuel since she is confident that everything she does is more often then not the right thing.
[Polite] Nitya was raise to be very polite around others. But that has also given her the ability to insult others without making is obvious. This often makes her come off sounding like a true snob.
[Can sometimes be battle hungry] Because of her Heart stone and warriors blood Nitya can sometimes get an almost uncontrollable craving and urge to fight and battle with others. Sometimes to the point that she will actual pick a fight. When this happens Nitya often isolates herself from everyone. The only real thing that seems to keep the urges at bay is being around the younglings and kittens of her kingdom.
[Gentle] Her stone makes her fierce but her heart is truly a gentle one. Nitya loves taking care of the Younglings and any other cat in need as well as standing up for others. Its because of this gentleness that she also seems to have an unlimited amount of patience with just about anyone.
[Motherly] All in all Nitya is a very motherly cat. She is always over joyed to take care of kittens and younglings. But if you threaten any under her care you will regret it.
Kin: None that she knows of.
Brief backstory: Nitya was born to a rather old couple in the Galian kingdom. She was the only kitten in a litter. Both her parents were warriors and that was passed down to her. Because of her deep red and pinkish fur, the perfect heart shaped marking on her chest, and their advancing age her parents named her Nitya Amor. Together these runes meant 'Timeless Love' and were meant to show that her parents love was indeed timeless. Nitya grew up very normally, however eventually her brave and confident personality began to take hold of her more and more and it began to outweigh her common sense.
She was apprenticed to an acrobat in hopes that the job would teach her control and poise. But even her master had trouble controlling her. She had a very strong daring streak in her and was constantly upping the danger in her stunts. This would ultimately lead her her early retirement from acrobatics.
Around seven months old Nitya had one of her infamous warrior urges. The she-cat was brewing for a fight and came across a group of older cats bullying a young stoneless. Enraged by the behavior Nitya intervened and began bullying them back. In the middle of the fight the older cats dared to her to perform her acrobatics at the top of the trees in front the the rapids, with the promise that if she did so they would leave the stoneless cat alone and any others. The challenge had prosperously been made as frightening as possible, but Nitya took the challenge without hesitation.
All the cats followed her to the trees expecting her to back down at the last second, but instead she climbed up. In order for her to complete the dare Nitya had to perform all the acrobatics she knew on the tops of the trees. She only managed to perform two of them before the dare went extremely wrong. During one of her flips in between the trees the branch broke beneath her
Nitya fell through the tree hitting one branch after another ended up plunging into the rapids. After being banged against several large rocks Nitya finally managed to crawl out of the water. Her right side were she had landed and fallen through the tree on was damaged badly and she would never be able to truly perform consistently with injuries that severe now. Her original heart stone setting was also damaged and broken so badly that the original could not be repaired and it had to be replaced. Luckily the stone itself was fine. Eventually Nitya found another calling, one that was more suited towards her motherly nature. She took up the career of being a Caregiver and although is was not replacement for the excitement she'd had as an acrobat it had its own special charm for her.

:bulletred: Nitya is very protective of kittens, any kitten. And will even take orphaned stoneless into her care.

:bulletblue: Nitya often favors her right side in colder weather dew to soreness and muscle damage from her accident seasons before.

:bulletred: Nitya is extremely strong even for her light frame. However she is not able to control or use any other magic in any other form. No one knows why.

:bulletred: Nitya is terrified of heights now after her accident. But she is no less confidence of brave.

:bulletblue: Nitya has a strong Irish accent.


:bulletwhite: - Acquaintance.
:bulletblue: - Friend.
:bulletyellow: - Good Friend.
:bulletpink: - Crush.
:bulletred: - Love.
:bulletblack: - Hate/Discomfort.
:bulletorange: Dislike.
:bulletpurple: - Mixed Feelings.
:bulletgreen: - Family/Charge.

.:Galian Kingdom:.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletorange: Invadam De Draco- T'ain much I can say about this tom. Mind you, he keeps away from me. Probably knows I'm not scared of him like most others. Long as he doesn't send me to the ruddy arena we can get along for the most part.

:bulletgreen:/:bulletgreen: Zale Zipactonal- Ah haha Zale. That little lad has gone father then I'd ever be expectin', don't cha' know. He's still got some growin' ta be doin' mind you. But I know, when the time comes, Zale will grow into a fine young councilor, that he will.

:bulletpurple:/:bulletblue: Leaf Infirmus- Such a nervous little lass. Since she's such a little thing I've come to think of her as one of my charges. Like a family member don't cha' know. But I am very worried 'bout her.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletblue: Cedric- That ruddy fool. Thought I was from another kingdom don't ya know! Must have dandelion fluff for brains that one.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletwhite: Dathen- Never met the tom don't ya know. Not one of my charges either.

.:Faeir Kingdom:.

:bulletblue:/:bulletwhite: Whisper- Lady Whisper ya say? Well I like her. Mind you I don't know her personally but I think we could be friends.

.:Faeir Kingdom:.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletwhite: Chenoa Xipil- Never met her don't cha' know. But I've se her from 'cross the rapids. Big as a lion that she is.

:bulletblue:/:bulletwhite: Icarus- Reminds me of a kit he does, he's got this wee bird that follow him around to. But I think we could be friends.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletwhite: Rosa- I've heard 'bout her from Invadam that I have. Makes me worried, he doesn't normally should much interest in mollys, and an enchanter at that. I never met her, but I hope she knows what she's getting into.

:bulletwhite:/:bulletwhite: Tiger- I've hear some ruddy bad things about her. I hope she doesn't go and get called to the arena. She might be the first cat to kill her opponent in seasons.

Role-play Example: Nitya breathed a soft sign of relief as she tucked the last group of kittens into their napping nests with a gentle paw. With the same movement she also lifted one of the slightly older younglings head from the edge of she cloak where it was fallen and tucked him in as well. Taking a head count and flicking her overly tall ears a bit, Nitya gave a quick nod of approval and stood up slowly. Taking a few lengthy strides to the door, the pale redish she-cat starred out the door for a few moments, greeting the mothers as they came to retrieve their kittens. Saying goodbye to each of them as they left and telling them to remember her teachings of the day. Finally once everything had quieted down Nitya pulled the hood of her cloak off her head and hung the weather worn piece of clothing on a protruding branch. With a soft sign the skinny she-cat climbed into her nest and stretched herself out and mewed. "This was a good day."

Sample two (Because I can. XD): Nitya starred up at the tops of the trees as they swayed in the wind above her. From where the young redish color tabby stood on the ground, the small cluster of trees could have been a hundred miles up. The bare rough trees were nothing more then skeletons in the wind. There were no leaves on the long milky white branches, no birds singing or nesting in them, and certainly no prey animals frolicking around them for miles. Yet even in this lifeless environment Nitya felt as if those skinny finger like branches instead intended to reach out and grab her and strangle the life from her body. In the pit of her stomach Nitya suddenly felt a icy stone of fear drop into it. A nasty shove from one side however snapped the young molly back into reality however. The old kittens here laughing at her again and this made the warriors rage biol even hotter. She heard a murmur from one of the toms to the other and the dusty colored cat pounced on it like prey. "Don't you be daft! I may be a molly but I am no coward! I'll climb you're ruddy trees..." Nitya grumbled. Walking up to the base of the skinniest tree, a little slower then she probably would have is no one was watching, Nitya looked up towards the top. Even from here the height of the tree was daunting and the top reminded Nitya of a great white spear tip. Loosing her claws and making them as long as possible, Nita backed up a few paces before taking a few long out stretched strides. On the last one the young molly launched herself into the air. Nitya slammed against the paper smooth bark of the tree for a moment before she finally managed to get a claw hold. Looking back at the other cat's she'd come with, she couldn't help but notice how they all had stepped even farther back from the intimidating trees. "Bloody cowards." She muttered as she began to shimmy her way up the tree, using her every once of warrior strength to pull her up in higher and higher towards the crystal blue sky. At long last after what seemed like an eternity of climbing Nitya scrambled up onto the trees top most branch. From here the rapids below her looked like the tossing current that flowed around ebony black fangs. Nitya swallowed nervously. Slowly the dusty red colored she-cat strode out onto the branch, resisting the temptation to let her fur rise with her nerves or dig her claws into the smooth surface of bark. Finally after what seemed like a thousand heart beats to her, Nitya began her routine. Nitya had practiced her routine tricks so many times, but they were always on a rope not between trees. Her performances had also always had air runes ready to catch her if she slipped. Now the young warrior had none of that and as she landed on the second tree and swung around on it her claws and pads began to feel cold and clammy beneath her. Feeling her legs shaking beneath her Nitya fell into a warriors fighting stance to stabilize herself. Yet the shaking continued to move through her skinny body, and it only got worse as she looked over to the next tree. And the distance she had to jump. "Don't be a daft Nitya. You can do this." She told herself confidently. Backing up slightly, Nitya ran towards the edge of the branch and flipped up into the air. The she-cat spun through the air once, twice, and then a third time. But as she exited the jump and outstretched her paws for the landing a feeling of dread and fear dropped into her belly. Opening her eyes Nitya watched as the branch in front of her suddenly rose up above her. Her paws were left outstretched in the air as wind rushed by her and the branch moved farther and farther away. Her dusty blue eyes grew wide with a mix of fear, panic, and utter horror. "I jumped short."
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