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Nitya Amor [BLL] by WarriorRainyDay Nitya Amor [BLL] by WarriorRainyDay

“The Names Nitya, Nitya Amor, means timeless love don’t cha’ know”

Name: Nitya Amor
Meaning/pronunciation:  Nit-Ya (Timeless) A-More (Love)
Age: Twenty five
Gender:  Female/Molly

Kingdom: Galian
Rank: Altraí, Perormer (Retired due to injury.)
Breed: Abyssinia Serengeti Cross


“Let’s get the blathering outta the way lads.”

General Appearance:

Nitya is a bright dusty redish pink color with a cream underbelly and gradient red and black stripes that move all along her body such as her wrists, back, legs, and ears.  One feature people tend to take notice of is her very bright gray blue eyes.  Something not normal to either of her parents breeds.  Like most with Warrior stones, Nitya stands uncharacteristically tall compared to other women.  With her ears down and when she’s relaxed Nitya stands somewhere around five ft seven, but with her ears up and standing straight however, Nitya is almost six feet tall.  She weighs around a hundred and forty five pounds.  Her tattoo is on her upper left arm and curls around it like a band or bangle.  She can normally be seen wearing her Altraí dress/ uniform, however on outing days its much more common to spot her in just a green shirt and pants and can always be seen wearing her choker like Heart stone.


Yarn- Nitya always carries around yarn or string in case she has to tie Zale down to the ground, or quickly tie something.

Cloak-  Nitya has a cloak from her days as a performer which she treasures deeply. 

Runes- 200

Personality: [High Energy] [Confident] [Friendly] [Shameless] [Stubborn] [Rule Breaker] [Loud] [Not the Brightest star in the Sky] [Protective] [Courageous] [Owns the Stereo Type]

Nitya is a very high energy and high confidence personality.  She is generally very friendly and forward in meeting new people with very little shyness or shame in her.  In fact she’s often made a habit to grab people and drag them into situations that she wishes to join in or start a whole new situation just to bring the shyer ones into the fun.  Like most of her fellow Warriors Nitya has quiet a thick head and stubborn streak running through her.  She’s never met a rule she liked and certain never met one she hasn’t broken at least once.  She rarely backs down from challenges, in fact most of the time she issues them and sees them through to the end if she can.  Nitya is also quiet loud both in speaking and when arguing, if she can be louder than the person she’s fighting with she considers the battle already won.  Although she talks a lot, Nitya is only of average intelligence if not a little less, and because of this she often has a difficult time dealing with the more complex problems that arise, such as teaching Zale about politics.  Seeing as she’s always been a head forward and hands on type of personality the more aloof things of life seem to fly right between her ears without her even noticing.  Because of this she often makes up things on the fly whether they’re relevant to the conversation or not.  She also tends to repeat what she hears so if she feels something she heard would be useful in the conversation she’ll sneak it in there.  In most cases she does manage to come up with at least one useful sentiment on her rants if nothing else.  However despite her seemingly endless short comings, Nitya is serious about protecting and raising her charge Zale, it’s about the only thing she is serious about, and she takes great pride in being there for him when she can.  Even in the most dangerous situation.  She also proudly owns her stereo type thought something things sometimes manage to get through to her.

Mother: Aibhlinn C. Amor- Deceased.

Father: Daire A. Colin- Deceased.


Charge- Zale Zipactonal


None, she has to low of magic.


Strength:  ★★★★★★☆☆

Endurance:  ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Providing:  ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Speed:  ★★★★★★★★★☆

Defense:  ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Magic Power: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Tactics:  ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

Swimming:  ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Climbing:  ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆
Herbal Knowledge:  ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Birthing Knowledge: ★★★★★★★★★☆

Luck:  ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Social Skill: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆



-Nitya has a very thick Irish accent.

-She often goes swimming to relive pain or stiffness in her old injuries.  Please note she has no shame.

- Nitya was declawed when she joined the Altraí by way of seering her claws with fire.  Her claws don't grow into points because of this.


After years of trying, Nitya was born to an elderly retired couple in the Galian Kingdom.  She was the only child even born to the pair and with her parents advanced age, they considered themselves lucky to even have her.  Even as a baby she had boundless energy and seemed to never run out of energy because of that she was named Nitya, which means ‘timeless’, and took her mother’s last name Amor which means ‘love’.  Together her names mean ‘timeless love’, and as soon as she became old enough to talk and understand, as the already rather open and loud child she was, it became her own personal way of introducing herself to everyone and anyone who would listen.  Despite her very energetic and mischievous behavior, Nitya grew up rather normally but unlike the majority of her kingdom kin, her parents decided to raise her by themselves so she was not the Altraís.  Unfortunately for that she missed out on a lot of social learning experiences and clicks, so by the time she began attending lessons Nitya was so loud that most people seemed unable to contain or control her.  Most children instantly love the rambunctious young molly in all her jolly and hyper active nature.  The Altraí however did not and it was never a full day until at least one of their ranks complained to Nitya’s parents about her behavior.  After scolding their beloved daughter many times eventually Nitya seemed to settle down.  However as she grew closer and closer to her teenage years her bold and brash nature began to outweigh what little common sense she had and the still rather young cat seemed to constantly find ways to put herself and others in danger.  Now nine, almost ten, years old Nitya’s parents grew increasingly concerned for their daughter’s safety and decided, now that she was old enough, to enroll her with one of the performers, an acrobat, from around Galian.


Though opposed to the idea at first Nitya grew to enjoy and even love her new found apprenticeship.  Her natural strength, endurance, and light frame lent itself well to such long and staining physical activity.  It was enough to wear the young girl out while not making her to sore or tired.  Though her mentor often had his hands full with her and her antics, he still managed to hold enough patience to teach her the importance of things such as restraint in her mind and body.  This skill however did not come easy for Nitya, in fact most of the time the skill felt all but impossible for the young girl.  Nitya’s impulse control was practically none and her Warrior nature seemed to hold more power over her then her common sense.  By now Nitya was taking part in performances with her mentor and his band.  But not all was always well.  The young acrobat’s stunts got more daring, more dangerous, and in need of more control then she had.  Once in the middle of a performance, she placed her foot at the wrong angle and almost plunged to the ground.  If it had not been for the high wire and a quick hand and flip the fourteen year old would certainly have been direly injured.  And though her mentor scolded her over and over, nothing seemed to get through to the molly and eventually he simply sent her off to bed. It was an accident waiting with a tragedy on the wings.

Nitya had just turned fifteen when her rash ways caught up to her.  The molly had been making her way to the southern end of the kingdom for a performance when she noticed a group her age hanging around on one of the connecting bridges.  Curious and excited at the thought of new ‘friends’, Nitya slipped away from her mentor just long enough to see what was going on.  Needless to say when she got there she didn’t like what she found.  It wasn’t a group of friends; it turned out to be three caster boys picking on a stoneless.  Enraged by this sight Nitya bolted into it and began defending the stoneless, reminding the casters out the treaty and equality.  All they did was laugh at her and gave Nitya a shove against the back of the cat walk.  The girl’s first reaction was to punch her assaulter and with one quick swipe she drew blood from the Caster and broke his nose.  Immediately Nitya knew she’d make a mistake and that a very thin line had been crossed by striking the boy and that if her mentor of her parents found out she would be in for far more than a simple scolding.  A more verbal retaliation came then, since the Casters knew even with three them and only one Warrior, they still stood very little chance.

The group of teenagers argued for a time before finally the boys found something that got under Nitya’s skin.  They called her cowardice and fearful.  In doing so they offered her a challenge as revenge for breaking their friend’s nose.  They wouldn’t tell anyone if Nitya performed for them, on the rope that hung above the black rapids.  Without hesitation the young girl accepted the challenge thinking it would be an easy task for her to complete.  She was wrong.  By the time Nitya and her black mailers got to the stage they’d chosen, a cold and harsh wind had whipped up from the Silver Snow Mountains and was coming down across the valley.  Nitya now found herself between a rock and a hard place with a sinking fear growing heavier and heavier in her belly.  But after a few deep breaths Nitya began her performance, set on proving her strength and bravery no matter what the cost.  Nitya went through the first half of her act with only minor mistakes, and with each move she grew more and more confident about her abilities.  With a quick leap she went forward to finish her act.  Suddenly it was as if the world slowed down as the wind lifted her up and to the side pushing her to far away from her landing area.  It was out of her reach and with nothing near enough to push off of; Nitya fell into the rapids below.

Nitya plunged into the Black rapids, a part of one of the many rivers in Galian that was known for its insanely fast and deep water inside of which hides shape and thick black rocks.  Nitya was able to keep her head above water for most of the journey down stream but she was unable to keep herself from being banged and thrown against the rocks.  She was dragged almost all the way down to Draco Lake before she washed up on the shore and was retrieved by her kingdom kin.  Along with less serious injuries, she’d broken two ribs, dislocated her right shoulder and wrist, and fractured her leg on her trip down the rapids.  The menders remarked constantly how lucky she was to not have broken her Heart stone on the trip down the river.  But after months’ worth of healing and being tended too, the news was still not good.  The damage to her body left Nitya unable to perform again.  Even with her Warrior stone her body simply could not take the strain or get over the damage done to her.  Nitya was devastated, she’d never considered or thought of another job and now faced with it she wasn’t left with many choices dew to her injuries.  In the end Nitya decided to go into the Altraí ranks.  Though it turned out she was not very good at it.  Having never met a rule she liked Nitya found it very hard through her training to deal with all the rules and regulations the Altraí needed to follow.  It wasn’t until she was brought a charge of her own, one Zale Zipactonal, that Nitya finally began to take her job seriously. 


Roleplay Example:


“It’s not justice you fool its common sense.” Merlin muttered under his breath, arms laced over his chest in a manner that stated exactly how unhappy he was that the blonde knight had come barging into his home at this ungodly hour. As he watched Arthur pace up and down his living room a large yawn escaped Merlin’s mouth as her blinked warily at his friend once more before pushing himself up off the wall, and staggering to the other side of the room.  Looking up Merlin starred back at his ranting companion without humor to the comments he was making.“ Shut up Arthur. I told you already when I was young I was sick and my voice never changed.”
“Well it suits you, after all you act like a know-it-all kid anyway!” Arthur snapped.
Reaching down Merlin splashed his face with the water from the basin on his on his dresser. Reaching around for a towel, Merlin whipped his face off as he spoke again, before lowering the cloth enough for his bright gold eyes to peek out from under his bangs. “Where can you talk you arrogant prat, at least I don't strut around like I'm king William day in and day out.”
“I don't strut around like king William, I simply strut like a king, after all I am going to be one! One day so you better show some respect ...” Uh-huh, sure Arthur. Merlin added silently. “I mean I rather strut around with class then like you ... I mean it seems to me you have a knot in your pants and you have no bones in your legs.”
”My legs are perfectly fine, you're just built like a tree stump. Which is quiet fitting since your mind is about as sharp as one.” With that Merlin, entered the kitchen. Followed quickly by Arthur who continued to prattle on about how Merlin looked and how thin he was. Landing down Merlin pulled a pair of plates out from where they were stacked, handing one to Arthur. Only stopping in his tasks long enough to make a comment about how Arthur ate like a pig every meal. As Arthur placed the plate Merlin’d handed him on the table, the blonde knight snapped back in a way Merlin hadn’t quiet expected.”Pfft, you’re the size you are because you eat like a woman wearing a corset!” Merlin paused for a moment after having heard this. The weight of his chest and the tightness of the bandanna against his thin fur had suddenly started feeling like his secret was uncomfortable obvious to the world, not just him. Luckily for him his back was turned. So Arthur blissfully continued on with his rantings and didn't seem to notice the pause in Merlin’s movements, or how his arms had been pulled back up tightly against his chest when he finally did turn as he drew a kitchen knife and sliced off a piece of bread, muttering warily ”... You haven't had your breakfast this morning have you?”
“What does that have to do with anything! I swear Merlin sometimes your attention span is that of a Llama-dog!”

Chat: Open just ask. ^^
Notes: Open.

Rolepayed by-  WarriorRainyDay

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