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.:Swiftdrop:. update by WarriorRainyDay .:Swiftdrop:. update by WarriorRainyDay
Ok I just realized I never uploaded this so I'm doing it now since I'm sneezing and can't sleep. And I realize now that I seriously need to post the updated history for the people who want to try out for the kits.

I was seriously tearing up while writing this T^T.

I seriously do not recommend that you listen to her theme while reading this.

Gender: She-cat.
Clan: Sharkclan.
Rank: Warrior/Queen.
Description: A small and sleek silver tabby she-cat with short fur everywhere except for her head, where a long strand of silver fur hangs down around her eyes. She has long blue grey stripes the slowly fade off to her silver pelt color. She has deep red eyes with pick tinted whites around the iris. Her eyes tend to drop down now and don’t hold the same brightness they once did. She also tends to have dark circles beneath her eyes from either crying or lack of sleep. No one is sure which. Swiftdrop is not much bigger than an apprentice and her thin sleek frame makes her look even smaller in size and high. She is always seen carrying a pink starfish around everywhere. Be it hunting, training, or fighting, Swiftdrop never leaves the trinket behind and is even seen sleeping with it in her nest. Unfortunately it is quite possible that is the only thing that keeps the mourning she-cat sane...
Personality: Although she was very friendly in her life, the loss of her mate and her first born kit has taken a heavy toll on the bright and acrobatic she-cat. Swiftdrop has grown quiet and very distant from everyone in the clan, including her two remaining kits Littlekit and Tidekit. She rarely speaks anymore and is often seen wandering aimlessly around camp with a pink starfish clasped in her jaws or looking up motionlessly into the sky. Even if it’s raining she will not move. She must constantly be reminded to do things by her clan-mates, including care for her own kits. In the recent moons Swiftdrop has begun wandering off with her starfish at night for hours into Sharkclan territory and not returning until the late hours of the morning unless someone brings her back. And when she loses her starfish Swiftdrop goes into a complete panic, tearing up nests and retracing her ever step. And if she doesn’t find it soon after losing it she becomes unresponsive to everything. The young warrior seems to have become completely lifeless. She is also particularly weary of Littlekit, and tends to either break down into tears when looking at him or follow him aimlessly if he asks.
Family: Mother Leaffall (now deceased).
Siblings: None.
Mate: Formerly Icystar (now deceased).
Kits: Littlekit, Tidekit, Coralkit (now deceased).
History: Swiftdrop's kit hood was spent not in Sharkclan but Sorchclan with her mother Leafall. At the time she was known as Littlekit. The name was given to her at birth because of her very small size. Her father was never formerly announced to the clan but many cats believe she was the product of a tom her mother seemed too fancy in the clan. Littlekit however could never get used to the dry sandy clan and did not behave like a ‘pure’ Scorchclan cat. She would often wander all the way to the edge of the sea to swim and play in the clear blue water or swim in the oasis for hours on end. Where ever there was water you could more than likely find Littlekit. Rumors began spreading around Scorchclan at the time about her odd behavior and once she became Littlepaw she discovered why she had such a strong urge to go to the water. Her mother Leaffall revealed to her that Littlepaw's father was a Sharkclan cat. She was half Sharkclan half Scorchclan aka a half-clan. In a blind rage Littlepaw ran away from her mother and the other Schorchclanners, and all the way to the edge of the sea. Littlepaw looked down into the water and thinking that because she was a ‘half-clan’ cat her leader would never make her a warrior she dove in. Normally when in a fit Littlepaw would swim to clear her mind. However Littlepaw misjudged the dive and slammed her head on a rocks lurking just below the surface. With the blow to the head Littlepaw blacked out under the water.
It was at this point that the kind spirit of Misticdream must have decided to save the young cat from certain death. The Mysticclan leader brought one of the Sharkclans apprentices to the shore were Littlepaw had dove in. After which she led the cat (Icypaw) to Littlepaw out in the water.
The apprentice immediately jumped in and saved the drowning Littlepaw. When Littlepaw woke up serveral days later she was in the Sharkclan medicine cats den. The medicine cat at the time told her that she had been rescued from the water by the apprentice Icypaw. Who had claimed a mysterious cat had led him there to her. Once the medicine cat saw her eyes he knew Mysticdream had saved the young apprentice not once but twice. She had saved Littlepaw from drowning and while the apprentice was unconscious Mysticdream had given her the strength to keep living. Once Littlepaw regained her strength she asked the leader of Sharkclan if she could join. Seeing how the young she-cat had grown particularly close to her rescuer Icypaw and with her apparent love of water the leader said yes to her request. She was quickly remained Swiftpaw and later she was named Swiftdrop because of her fast and graceful way of diving down deep into the water.
Seasons passed and Swiftdrop grew even closer to the young leader Icystar. She had gained many friends in her time in Sharkclan. She had formed very close bonds with Icystar and his good friend Slatepelt. The trio was sometimes seen going on hunting patrols together or just racing across the territory. And sometime during their time together as ‘friends’ Swiftdrop began having strong feelings for Icystar. And one day all her feelings came out.
In an effort to help relieve some of the young leaders stress, Swiftdrop decided to take Icystar to her secret hiding place. The young she-cat was well known for collecting a wide variety of trinkets like shells and small rocks and had discovered a small cave were the noon sun and low tide made three large tide pools hidden from outsiders and prying eyes. The two spent all day in the cave of the tide pools and discovered a bright pink starfish together. Looking up at each other the two joked about their discovery until Icystar began staring at Swiftdrop with particular intensity. And after a awkward conversation the two returned to the camp. However later the evening Swiftdrop returned to Icystar’s den with the starfish. While giving it to him Swiftdrop ended up practically yelling that she loved Icystar and he returned her feelings. From then on the two were officially mates. A few moons after Slatepelt had left the clan; the couple announced that Swiftdrop was expecting Icystar’s kits. The birth was relatively easy. Swiftdrop gave birth to two she-cats and one tom with no deaths in the litter. The two mates named the first born she-cat Coralkit and the second born she-cat Tidekit after the tide pools that had brought the two together. Icystar named the single tom Littlekit after Swiftdrop’s original name.
Two moons passed when Sharkclan was suddenly struck with a deadly and fast spreading illness. Icystar was one of the first cats to catch the virus and soon the young leader began losing lives quickly. The virus became so deadly that the medicine cat would not allow Swiftdrop to see her mate once he had lost his third life, for fear that she might accidentally carry the disease back to their still nursing kits. But even that did not save her kits from the merciless disease. Coralkit contracted the disease soon after Icystar’s forth life was spent. Then both the medicine cats and the deputy contracted the illness and died while trying to save the leader. Without anyone to help them Swiftdrop watched her mate and first born slowly die. Coralkit died first. The loss devastated the queen but not enough to make her stop seeing her mate. Swiftdrop visited Icystar everyday but in his weak state delirium had set in. The tom still thought that they had all their kits and Swiftdrop began lying to him to save him from the pain of knowing his first born had died. Finally one night Icystar came to his last life. With the last of his strength the tom lifted his head up and pulled a mat from her fur. He smiled at her saying, “You had a mat in your pelt.” That was the first Swiftdrop had heard the tom speak in moons and soon after Icystar died. Devastated the queen refused to leave her mates body yelling that she needed to take care of him and that he would get better.
Finally the other warriors pulled her from the leader’s body. Desperately Swiftdrop clawed at the ground when the pink starfish the mates had found together fell out of his nest. Laching onto it Swiftdrop held onto the trinket and the queen began to cry. Slowly Swiftdrop began to shut down completely from everyone, including her kits. Where she will go from here is anyone’s guess.
RPed by: ~WarriorRainyDay

Theme/Themes: [link]

Better view of her markings: [link]
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Remepie Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
;A; </3 Poor Swifty... :c Hopefully she can move on...
Destynee33 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh dear, poor little Swiftdrop... it really is heartbreaking.
Minnow-to-the-moon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student Writer

So darn sad. ;;

Will she ever find love again? ;;

...maybe when she's a grandmother.

-wants Littlekit desperately-
wakaz Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Bawww poor Swiftdrop! I feel bad for her kits as well ;n; They have no mother now pretty much.
shinjuTHEpearl Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012
Aww that poor cat
It almost made me cry too .n.
SpiderRen Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Hobbyist Filmographer
Aw man, rainy your killing me hear, swift needs a hug a big one D:::
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